I suppose I should introduce myself.

My name is Alison and in live in Manchester, UK. My favorite meal is bangers and mash with loads of gravy (but no onions- of course). I am 18 years old. I absolutely adore any kind of chocolate. But most importantly my love of travelling, I really can’t get enough.

So where did my travelling begin? Through out my time at high school I  had a great passion for geography, being the nerd that I was, and an opportunity came up to visit Southern Africa with my school to take part in a trek, project and safari. The expedition was for three weeks and as there was a lot of interest there was an application process (the first of many in my travelling life). Anyway I successfully got a place to go and so the fundraising began. The build up was an agonizing two years and a lot of cake sales but it was phenomenal to say the least.

Then the next summer, after finding my travelling feet, I ventured over to Germany to stay with my good friend Andrea who lives out there. Whilst I was out there I worked for a large engineering company; translating and proof reading manuals for all their machines. Pretty full on for first job but had another amazing trip.

Then rolled around another opportunity. This time to travel to Taiwan to help run a summer camp in a church linked with my own and to see some of the tourist attractions out there too. It was my first trip to Asia so I was ecstatic getting on the plane. It was just amazing! As my Mother always says,and I very much agree, this was the trip that made me, the adventure that since, has driven me to improve our inequitable  world.

After all that I couldn’t stop there. Just before my eighteen birthday, as a family we visited New York and were all incredibly shocked about how much we all liked it. It snowed while we were there so we all felt like we in the movies! During our trip we went on an unplanned tour to the United Nations Headquarters and as geographer I was completely sold. The scale and commitment of the organisation was ground breaking reaching every topic you can possibly imagine. We even managed to see the General Assembly Chamber (where all the important United Nations meetings take place). Awesome trip.

And now here comes the exciting part! After an interesting year battling the dreaded A Levels, I was doing some research and stumbled across another opportunity (they are marvelous things). A chance to attend the United Nations Youth conference as a delegate in New York. I seriously considered and decided I was going to try, so I applied. Much to my shock I got on……. so still much to my surprise I am now a Youth Delegate for the United Nations Youth Assembly. And I hope it will be my most exciting adventure yet!

This blog is one of my ways of reaching out to as many people educating and hopefully inspiring people so the United Nations can move forward all over the world so all can have a jolly good life!

Any questions send me a quick message. No problem!


Picture: Top of the Empire State Building, New York 2016


4 thoughts on “Me…

  1. You’re an inspiration and have turned into such a beautiful person inside and out. I’m so happy to call you a friend and wish you every luck in the world x


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