United Nations Youth Delegate? And what exactly is that?

To explain.

My role is a Youth Delegate for the United Nations Youth Conference.  This means that I get another trip to New York. I can’t believe how lucky I am.

The whole reason for the conference is to implement the new Sustainable Development Goals that started in 2016 into the real world. Altogether there are 169 goals which fall into 17  headline goals (which you can see on the picture above). The goals are to help everyone in every country around the world improve the quality of their lives; bringing people out of poverty, providing clean water and making sure every child is educated. However the goals are not just aimed at the developing world but also the developed world for nations much like ourselves here in the UK. So while I am in New York, in the rather fancy General Assembly Chamber (see picture below), me and youth from around the world will be learning how do this through workshops, discussion and speakers. At the end of conference the idea is that we (youth representatives) will have come up with ways we can put these 169 statements actually into action with really simple things that fit in everyday life. Let’s hope it is as easy as it sounds!

United Nations General Assembly Chamber, New York 2016

I know at the moment it sounds just like a fancy trip to New York, however my role is to help the people of my local community understand what these 169 “goals” are. I promise they are really simple and easy to understand just bear with me.

Currently I  am visiting Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Colleges helping students to understand the work the United Nations do and the little things they can do to help in their own lives without forgetting the important feature item- The Sustainable Development Goals themselves. To do this I have created a “challenge” (bit like a game show) for classes to complete, that even involves Lego and jelly babies, as well as some classic old painting in the hope the message will stick a little better than a tradition lesson.  Also I am working with several local Councillors and as this is a youth conference I am working in partnership with both Rochdale Voice and Manchester Hive (Youth Councils) to help those awesome guys understand a little more about the Sustainable Development Goals so hopefully they can be woven into their work too. Within the my  Church and throughout the URC Youth I hope to inspire a few people, so it can be shared throughout all congregations across the country.  Finally my family and friends. For one I hope they don’t get bored with listening to me ramble on to them about the UN, but can do something ace by knowing more about the organisation.

When I return home from my adventure, again I will continue to visit places and people educating anyone and everyone again about the goals but also the outcomes, actions and life changing experiences I had during the conference. Very exciting part!!

So there you go I hope that explains a little bit more about what this crazy titled thing is that I am doing and please keep checking to see what I have been up to!


P.S. If anyone would like any resources please ask I would be very happy to share-posters, video links, games etc.

Picture: The Sustainable Development Goals































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