Excitement, excitement and Conference details

Excited just isn’t the word. I am not quiet sure what the word is though.

So a little bit more about the conference then. As the conference is based around putting into action the Sustainable Development Goals; three of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals have been chosen to be reviewed and focused on by the youth. They are; No Poverty (Goal 1), Quality Education (Goal 4) and Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12). Throughout the conference there is a range of different workshops and speakers all run by different strands of the United Nations or organisations working closely with them. Some of the titles are: Quality Education for People and Planet, Girl’s Club Toolkit: Microfinance, Livelihoods & Youth, Youth Plan of Action Deliberations on Responsible Consumption and Production, Eliminating the Idea of Waste and the list goes on. To any geography lover this is exciting to say the least, me included.

The United Nations themselves have also summarised the conference and I have to say put it a little better than I can. So here we go.

“With youth at the core of the discussions, the 19th session of the conference aims to highlight the interdependence and universality of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by exploring multifaceted global issues such as poverty, education, and sustainable consumption and production. Each topic will be viewed in depth under the lens of various SDGs and their targets. The conference also brings to the fore contemporary discussions on youth’s role in policy-making, present-day humanitarian crises, and their impacts on global development.

Interactive workshops led by notable organizations are designed to equip participants with practical skills and know-how to develop and implement fresh ideas that support the implementation of the goals. Deliberations will provide a conducive space for youth participants to contribute to a Youth Plan of Action that aims to capture and elevate youth voices in realizing the 2030 Agenda.”

I hope that makes a little sense and encourages you to keep up to date with what I am up to.

As always if you want to contact me regarding anything (with relevance of course) please please do! Thanks again.


Picture: Some where above Long Beach, New York. 2016


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