The plan so far

The reality of my adventure is starting to set in. I am very much struggling to sit still and every time someone mentions New York or the United Nations that’s me hitting the ceiling with excitement again……

Things have started to happen. Plans are no longer just plans they are happening!

This week I have been counting rather a lot of Lego bricks and made a fair few Lego houses in preparation for my visit to primary schools as well as meeting some local councillors to see how they can help. My church holds a community coffee morning every Thursday (Bamford Chapel and Norden URC 10am-12 noon) which is where I met three councillors. Councillor Ian Duckworth has very rapidly put into place actions to help me along my way, with funding, support and even a bit of press…… Yes I have been interviewed by my local paper and even had hundreds of pictures taken to go with the article. So local people look out. Kinda crazy stuff.

This week too I have a had a meeting (well lunch and chatting) with my three fellow travellers about when I venture off to Tanzania shortly after I get back from New York. We have got to planning the activities and skills we are going to take out with us  when we visit a Safe House-a large house for girls who are fleeing FGM so they can live, safety, during the “cutting season” and can gain an education as well as how to become self sufficient if they cannot return back to their families. Very successful afternoon to say the least. Several bakewell tarts consumed too.

First Skype call ever made this week too! Had a great chat with Grace from the URC (United Reformed Church). She works for the Joint Public Issues Team, a group representing the Church of Scotland, Methodist, Baptist and URC Church’s on social, political environmental issues effecting the UK. We spoke about what exactly it is I am going to do while I am away and what it means to me as a young Christian to do this. I have also been invited to speak with Grace at a Synod (area in church terms) meeting to talk about the URCs’ environmental policy. Sounds great to me. As well as some other bits and bobs Grace reminded me that I should throw myself into this 100% as I am a little worried this becomes about me rather than about what I am doing but as she said personal stories inspire more people than anything else so here is mine I suppose.

This week I have also got to see some of the crazy people I call friends after an awesome Christmas.  Had a great time celebrating my best friend’s 18th, had games and fun with amazing family and friends, got to spend some quality time with the sibling child (my sister) over food and managed to squeeze in an cracking meal with my crew from college. Great to see them all and hear how they are all going at University! Thanks


Picture: Bit of fun with Pie Face at New year and incredible company! Manchester 2016 (just)


3 thoughts on “The plan so far

  1. Love reading a this Alison. Kate is reading it too. Even though I am 70plus I played Pie Face too over Christmas. Crackers but fun.


  2. Alison, for that’s how I know you, have great adventures, enjoy your new experiences, learn lots and leave lots of Gods love as you travel. G & F G


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