Time rolls on

Getting closer now. Really really close!

For me this has been a really big week. My story featured in the local paper and much to my surprise it was also on the Manchester Evening News website.  Thanks again Kendra for spotting it!! Great to get the work of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals to more peoples ears (or eyes I suppose). I hope the work of the United Nations and the message of the Sustainable Development Goals shines through the articles, that this opportunity is for the troubled world and my chance to change it.

So anyway what else have I been up too. This week I have shared a few bits of bobs on social media; videos, pictures and of course the news articles I feature in but as time rolls on I will introduce you to each goal. Each of the 17 goals. Today starting with #goal1 NO POVERTY So keep your eyes peeled. May even see a few pictures of me supporting the goals too!

No poverty, for all people, everywhere, with no one left behind! #goal1

This week too I have been planning speeches and presentations for my church (Bamford Chapel and Norden United Reformed Church), Rochdale Voice (Rochdale’s Youth Council) and for the United Reformed Church Youth Assembly (a crazy weekend away down South where young people from across the country who belong to the United Reform Church meet up to do some serious talking about our faith but have a ball eating food, having a right good laugh and celebrating their faith together!). At my Church I am giving everyone a outline of the what I am going to do in New York, the work I have being doing before hand and the crucial item, introducing them to the work of the United Nations and the all important Sustainable Development Goals.  As you have probably guessed by now I am a Christian so I myself attend the United Reformed Church Youth Assembly and this year I have been invited to speak briefly in the environmental section of the weekend! Very new to me! But nothing like a good challenge. I will let you know how all of these talks go and hopefully be able to tell you some great stories too!

Now the other type of planning this week. For lessons. As you may of read I am visiting schools and colleges, starting with my Primary school and my College. At my Primary school I am going to see Key Stage 2. I am very excited as I have painting planned! And for my College a much more mature approach. A discussion based lesson looking at the Sustainable Development Goals and whether they are the right goals for the world? and how we would change them as individuals.

Also on Tuesday I was interviewed, this time by the URC, by the lovely Karen. Such a great women and made me feel so comfortable about telling my little story. She asked me about three key areas. The first being me and the basics of the trip, the second about my faith journey and finally how my work with the United Nations fits with the work of the Joint Public Issues Team (a group of the several denominations of Christians that tackle social, political and environmental issues together with faith in mind). We met in Nexus Art Cafe in Manchester. It is a fab place if anyone is looking for a coffee or bite to eat. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with Karen and I can’t wait to see what the interview brings.

Just keep swimming. Tropical World, Leeds, UK 2017

This week I have been rather lucky this week that between work I managed to squeeze in a day up to Leeds! Visited tropical world with my best friend who studies at Leeds University. And yes tropical world was as awesome and childish as it sounds! Also managed to catch up with an old friend and pop out for a meal with a college friend! All in all very enjoyable day! Also this week I have to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my incredible sister! Had a great time celebrating and even got to make her a maple syrup cake!! Had a great laugh with my family this week too!



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