Goals, Goals, Goals!

As you may have notice some much of what the United Nations is trying to achieve by 203o is based around GOALS. Some so large they barely seem possible. Some smaller and simpler to complete. But never the less all still very important and a challenge to the whole world!

I have already introduced you to Goal 1. NO POVERTY.

So to catch you up with my social media campaign .

Goal 2. ZERO HUNGER. Incredible to think there are people all over the world still going hungry when I have eaten three meals today and enjoyed them all! In 2000 198 million children’s development was stunted by malnutrition. By 2014 it had dropped to 159 millions children. But with the Sustainable Development Goals in action by 203o this number will be zero! What an achievement that would be.

Zero hunger #goal2

Next. Goal 3. The goal I have chosen to represent and am completely empowered by. GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. This goals targets all aspects of health; physical, mental and social. For developed countries, like us here in the UK, there is a greater emphasis on mental and social health of their people as well as the overall well-being of society. But in some counties their focus is more with basic health. In 2000 9,800,000 children died before their fifth birthday. After the work of the Millennium Goal by 2015 this had been reduced to just 5,900,000 and the hope is by 2030 the amount of children who die before their fifth birthday is less than 2,600,000. Still a huge number but it the progress is amazing.

Good health and well-being #goal3

And finally Goal 4. QUALITY EDUCATION. Something I take for granted as many of us do. In 2000 there was 98,653,576 primary school aged children who didn’t attend school. By 2015 this was just 59,255,376 children around the world. And guess what by 2030. All children will attend primary school and secondary school! Every child will have an education. Boys and girls.

Quality Education #goal4

To keep up to dates with the goals remember to check my blog! Hope that this has encouraged people to get thinking about the goal  they support.

All of my figure came from a fab clip on YouTube entitled Numbers in Action if you were wondering.


Picture: Globe peaking. UK 2017



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