School flash back……

Today I visited my Primary School. I am not going to lie I was really looking forward to it, nothing like going back into the past and seeing how things have changed. Got to see some of my old teachers and classrooms! Even had a great tour round the new parts of the school by the some great year 6 students and helped them count the merits for the week. Unfortunately my old team didn’t win….maybe next time hey guys!

In year 6, I challenged the class to a game. Each table consisted of mixed ability students was given a country to represent. A leader of the country was then picked to act as the Prime Minster or President of the country and they were allowed to open the bag that was on each table. The bag contained a letter, Lego bricks, jelly babies and smarties. The letter listed what type of leader the student should be and instructed the table to build a house for all of their jelly baby people and split the food and water (smarties) equally between the jelly baby people. The difference between the countries/tables was the amount of resources they had. For example America had lots of Lego bricks to build a huge house even with a palm tree, where as Syria had very few Lego brick that didn’t really fit together. The result rather successful as the students could truly understand the inequalities and unfairness of the world!

In some of the other Key Stage 2 classes we thought about why we love our world and did hand painting to remind us to always love the world we live in.

Love our world pictures


I even managed to have my photo taken again for the local paper with some willing students.

It was really successful afternoon and the students really engaged. Some of the comments made where really impressive, very proud to say the students are from my Primary school!

Few comments-

“Why does everyone think we are just children, we may only be small people but we can do things to change the world and if everyone does something small….”

“I love our world because everyone and everywhere is different. The people and the countries.”

“When you go to America will you do us proud?”

“I love getting on planes that take you to other sides of the world because you get to meet all new people and go swimming all the time!”

“Today I have learnt something very important! I can help more people. And it is not that hard”

Thank you so much to the wonderful staff and students from my Primary school and I am overwhelmed by the support. When I announced to all three classes my role and what I am doing for some reason I was spontaneously applauded. I was close to tears if I am honest. It is an absolute honour to represent these kids and I hope I can do them proud! Such a wonderful day!

If any other teachers, youth groups leaders, guiding guiding leaders or anyone else and would like me to come and talk to you guys I would be more than happy too! Please just get in touch with me! Love to hear from you.


Picture: My primary school days! Take me back! UK 2007



One thought on “School flash back……

  1. Sounds like a great day at the school. Creative session with a great message, who doesn’t love Lego, jelly babies and smarties………did any of the people get eaten?


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