Thought for the day

The United Nations has a huge focus on the helping the world’s poorest people and saving them from the most easy to solve problems in life. But have you ever thought maybe the overindulged and greedy people of the world may need help too? Maybe the goal no poverty should be no extreme greed?  Perhaps the reason the poor are so poor is because the rich are extracting the wealth from them? Does this mean the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are wrong? The goals that 193 countries have signed up for to change the future of our suffering world should be scrapped and another focus targeted? Perhaps?

I will leave you to decide.

But me, I do believe the Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015) targeted some parts of the world but the Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030) target all people in all countries of the world. The developed and the developing. So although the title of each goal may not sound like something a developed nation should work on, their targets is to use their preexisting knowledge to pull the developing countries up through the ranks so they become more developed. Make sense? Just my opinion.

This article this blog post is based around was found by my wonderful Godmother. Thanks to her for this thought for the day.


Picture: Thinking of clouds. Cheshire, UK 2016


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