Who next? Church family

It was finally the  turn of my wonderful Church Family to hear about the work of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Andy (a good friend and lay preacher) welcomed everyone to the service introducing the service with these words.
“Well – that’s it then – President Donald Trump. It feels like our world is more divided than ever – slightly over half of those who voted in our election voted for Brexit, the others were massively against the idea and what it represented. Just under half of the American electorate who voted, voted for Trump. The others were massively against him and what they perceive to be divisive and discriminatory policies. America and Britain are split. Britain may well split further.  Europe could split. We have no unity. But we are church, surely we can be different from the world in which we live.
Let us pray
Different faces, different voices;
Jesus has made us one.
Different shapes, different colours:
Jesus has made us one.
Different names, different ways:
Jesus has made us one.
Different songs, different gifts:
Jesus has made us one.

Perfect introduction!  Thank you!! Then I followed.
I told everyone what my role was, the work I have been doing in the lead up to my trip to New York and introduced the congregation to the Sustainable Development Goals with a help of a few friends in a wonderful video (please, please watch) and hopefully inspired the odd person too. I was very nervous if I am being honest as I knew everyone sat before me so well. But it seemed to go okay. I set up a photo booth and after the service too so the congregation could pick the goals they supported and have their photo taken posing and holding them. Great to see people choosing goals that were important to them! Me and my family having a laugh in the photo booth in the picture above.
In my attempt to inspire people I finished with some words of wisdom from the United Nations themselves.
“The World has come together around a new set of Global Goals. The list is ambitious. The targets matter. The Sustainable Development Goals are the worlds goals for a better tomorrow. Achieving these goals will take everyone’s participation and involvement, including you. I ask you to commit to making the world a better place and to share these goals with everyone. Thank you”
Picture: Family goals? UK 2017


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