This week….yeah kinda crazy

At the start of the week I certainly wasn’t expecting it to unfold in the way it has…..You may have seen my social media displaying my biggest news.

So I will start with Sunday.

Of course I explained to my Church Family my amazing adventure and the inspiring work of the United Nations. Great response and the photo booth went down really well. Thanks guys!

Watched my wonderful sister and the cast of Footloose at Bamford Chapel and Norden URC in their final practice before their band call and show in the coming weeks. So gutted I will miss the actual show… An incredibly talented cast. Really really impressed! And a huge good luck to them all especially my wonderful little sister. Then had a cracking meal with some family friends and my family celebrating three birthdays between the seven of us. So much fun and tasty of course. Not a bad Sunday.

Then perhaps the most awesome day of my week. Monday. Wetherspoon have their own news and after my boss got the word out about my New York trip I am to feature in it. This meant yet another photo shoot. Again I just thought it would be one photo but no…..half an hour later after posing with a globe, flowers, a balloon and a card we finished. Inside, then outside. Yep everyone in the Pub saw. Was a rather funny shade of red! But very excited to see the article and pictures! Thank you so much to my wonderful work for the presents too!

But unknown to me my day was about to get even better. I met Councillor Janet Emsley and Nick a communications officer during my lunch break. We spoke about my trip and the fundamental ideas of the United Nations. Nick asked me some interview questions whilst I ate my rather tasty loaded chips. And then it came….I was offered £1000 to help cover the costs of my trip. I know. I had to stop eating my chips…… I did say I couldn’t take the money but the decision had already been made. I am so shocked and completely overwhelmed about this! It makes me more inspired to do awesome things! There was a Rochdale Online post written about Janet’s visit too. So honored.

Tuesday was just a normal kinda day in comparison. Still a great shift at work though.

Wednesday followed Tuesday surprisingly. It was my last proper shift at work. Said goodbye to the most awesome colleagues. Sad but it will not be forever. I will be back soon. I was back two hours later. Caught up with some awesome friends before I jet set I suppose.

And today has been rather exciting too I have been busy packing for trips everywhere. I have also found some of my room mates at my University accommodation. They seem so lovely. I cant’t wait to meet them! Also I have had confirmation that may appear a little on TV…. My life is so crazy right now!

Picture: Ruddles anyone? Regal Moon, UK 2017


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