Today is the day.

Passport in hand. Backpack on my shoulder. Coat over my arm. Walking towards security racking my brains for any liquids as I get handed yet another clear plastic bag.

As I look back at my predictably teary eyed Dad, a flurry of air hostesses glide by as I watch in awe at the perfectly aligned skirts and glint a reflection of my dropped jaw in the golden polished buttons.

This is it. Today is the day.

My flights were wonderful. I was treated like a Princess (not quiet a Queen) by Virgin Atlantic. To top it off too as a snack I got a baby Fab! I know. An actual Fab that is baby sized. Easily pleased.

A BABY FAB!!! Virgin Atlantic Flight. 2017

Transferred successfully and greeted to the wonderful city of New York by snow. Couldn’t ask for anything more. So far, very good. Arrived at The Pod 39 Hotel all safe and sound ready to roll.

Can’t wait to let you know the exciting adventures that unfolded!


Picture: Above the clouds, on top of the world. Somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean. 2017


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