Welcome Delegates

After arriving at The Pod 39 Hotel a needed brief connect to the WiFi session was essential receiving some wonderful support from friends, family and some incredible strangers from each corner of the planet. So grateful! Overwhelmed yet again.

So on with the show. Pretty much straight away I headed off to the Japan Society (a Cinema that is also used as an event center just a few blocks away from The Pod 39 Hotel-My hotel). 900 delegates over the next few hours received our official name tags and rather groovy presents (just in advance, this was my favourite part of the conference-meeting every one the very first evening). Pictures taken, names exchanged and a prominent buzz about the place.

After a rather random combination of delegates formed a little group we decided to head out into the cold from the busy room and headed back towards the hotel. As when you met anyone you have to many questions to ask all brimming on your tongue. But these people all have the same desires and drive in their lives as me. We just didn’t shut up. I loved finding out what counties people came from and why that had inspired them to take part in the Youth Assembly.

United Nations thermos mug?!? 2017

Very quickly I felt secure although I was in a city I hardly knew with people I had just met and situations I had never experienced. I suppose we exemplify the values of the United Nations. To be welcoming and inclusive to all with no one left behind so perhaps it was to be expected the immediate warm and welcoming atmosphere from all. The buzz from those few hours defined the conference before it began and encompassed us all showing a sneak peak of what was to come.

And that was the conference check in.

Picture: Delegate 640. Japan Society, New York. 2017


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