University excuses…..

Yes I have started University combing my passion for the world and the wonderful children that live upon it! A Child Nursing Degree of course! So I do apologize for the lack of blogs and Sustainable Development Goals updates.

After a incredible three weeks in Tanzania experience the work of Mama Rhobi and her team helping girls across the Mara Region of Tanzania escape female genital mutilation (FGM) and letting the world know the true effects are. Inspiring work combating age old culture right at its heart! Women changing the world hey, with ace men helping too. Don’t worry men! Then University started mid march and has just settled down after my first assignment completed and handed in. So again you have my attention.

What has happened in the world? Well where to begin. Surprise votes, new politicians, threats worldwide and national disasters. But the thing that has remained constant throughout it all is the wonder that is the United Nations. The UN of course have furthered their work in implemented the Sustainable Development Goals world-wide agreeing with all nations their polices on water pollution and attempt to help our oceans and seas in preparation for the Oceans Conference being held in New York within in the next few weeks, providing a platform for the people of Mongolia forming partnerships with the Disaster Risk Reduction to help prevention of climate change drought and floods, helping the Zimbabwean government prioritize the Sustainable Development Goals and fitting them into national polices, creating ideas for guidelines and solutions for climate change refugees, inspiring women in small pockets across the world to stand causing a worldwide phenomenon I love called girl power, leading the way in Worldwide Road Safety week-which is a major cause of death in many developing nations, challenges perceptions around migrants and refugees on our planet through every technology possible, showing off our male midwives to the world via social media to celebrate day of the midwife 2017, launching #VaccinesWork in association with the World Health Organisation, even Leonardo DiCaprio even showed his support as a United Nations messenger of peace asking all to continue to support the commitment to reducing fossil fuels anywhere and everywhere after meeting ingenious leaders from Africa……the list is endless….and that is this week alone. Really wanna keep up with the ace work across the world check out the United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals on any social media site. They are just awesome. Keeps my faith in humanity.

The conference inspired me so much all I do is talk about the world and I can’t wait to make my mark. Finger crossed anyways. I have now started a campaign after practical research, hearing young people’s opinions, attending the conference and of course looking up my info. It would be called Education Inspiring Innovation. Ahhhhh so exciting. Formulating everything at the moment with help from all over the place! Any questions please ask as per. More to come. Updates due.


Picture: Some new pals….. Newcastle, UK. 2017


One thought on “University excuses…..

  1. Love reading what you’ve been up to in these blogs and the thing I love the most is that despite your bundles of talent and knowledge, the Ali we know and love is still shown through your writing. An inspiration to all!

    Becky xx


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