Welcome Delegates

After arriving at The Pod 39 Hotel a needed brief connect to the WiFi session was essential receiving some wonderful support from friends, family and some incredible strangers from each corner of the planet. So grateful! Overwhelmed yet again. So on with the show. Pretty much straight away I headed off to the Japan Society … More Welcome Delegates

Today is the day.

Passport in hand. Backpack on my shoulder. Coat over my arm. Walking towards security racking my brains for any liquids as I get handed yet another clear plastic bag. As I look back at my predictably teary eyed Dad, a flurry of air hostesses glide by as I watch in awe at the perfectly aligned … More Today is the day.

Thought for the day

The United Nations has a huge focus on the helping the world’s poorest people and saving them from the most easy to solve problems in life. But have you ever thought maybe the overindulged and greedy people of the world may need help too? Maybe the goal no poverty should be no extreme greed? ¬†Perhaps … More Thought for the day